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One of my new favorite podcasts!

So much love and value! Thank you!

Great show!

I am 18 years young beginning my walk and i know in order for me to progress i must release the past. Looking forward to learning and blooming!

You’ve found the right podcast.

I’m grateful that leaders like Danny Morel share this encouraging and empowering information about how to grow not only as an individual but as a professional. I’ve been aware of Danny from YouTube for a couple of years but I’ve just now began to listen to his podcast recently. The values that Danny promotes are what draw me too him and his content.


Must listen for anyone wanting to take their life and business to the next level!!

Awesome Podcast!!!

Danny, host of The Danny Morel Show, highlights all aspects of real estate, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Selling out the Staples Center!

Danny’s message is different than the rest. On top of that his delivery, transparency, story, and authenticity, ALL make him very capable of making fulfilling his goal. I have missed 2/3 Relentless. And I won’t miss another! Can’t wait for Intero to open a brokerage on the Westside!

Learning a lot. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing the knowledge and inspiration.

Such an Amazing Podcast! Step by step the road to Success!

I used to have an android and try as hard as I could to keep up with the various YouTube episodes linked to this podcast. I finally realized the amount of knowledge and gain I was getting from this podcast I needed to hear it every day and make sure that I wouldn’t miss an episode. Finally switched back to Apple and started from the beginning episode by episode and I’m yet to run into an episode that I don’t absolutely love. Every episode leaves me pumped and with new knowledge that I can and put into my daily skills and activity. I can’t wait to see where I am a year from now and I can’t wait for the relentless event this year!

Amazing content

I am a few episodes into listening to this podcast. Great content for sure. What I love about it most is the people on this podcast are just real genuine people. A few of my favorite episodes are the ones with Danny interviewing his brother, his wife and good friend Eddie - I took amazing things away from those podcasts. Thanks for all the great content guys.

Amazing. For all professionals.

As a listener of podcast for about 10 years, and a recent podcaster myself. Danny's has amazing results in real estate, and shares how he got here. Along with why he will continue to be successful. His guests are almost unreachable for interviews, so listen to them on this show. Will continue to listen and share The Danny Morel Show.


Listen to it every day on my way into the office, great motivation!


This show is awesome! Always thorwing out some wisdom for guidance.

Thank you! Great content!

Danny thank you for pouring so much into every episode! I have recently started to listen to the podcast and have gone back from the first episode, I'm on episode 27, the content is second to none! Anyone looking how to run a business and be a better person needs to listen to this podcast!


Danny model show is just amazing .. great information strategies. And as a Latino my self it’s great to see a successful Latino giving giving back to others who have a dream of being more and Achieving more. Your an Inspiration. Thank you

Awesome Stuff!

Danny Morel's podcast is something of great value and should be part of your morning routine daily! Thanks Danny for sharing your knowledge!


I've admired Danny from afar for many years now. With over 20 years of experience, I'm careful who I follow and take advice from. Danny instills hope for growth for many people in our Real Estate industry no matter their level of success. I'm grateful for him and what he brings to the table followed by passion, thanks Danny!


I stumbled upon Danny and his show while searching for new podcasts and from the moment I started listening he had me hooked. His energy and passion for real estate is evident in every word that comes out of his mouth. The interviews are especially insightful into the lives of people who started from the bottom now they are here. Each interview has a different perspective and techniques that worked well for that agent. I will 100% be spreading the word to my fellow agents about Real Estate Sales with Danny Morel! -Ryan S.- Keller Williams PHILLY Philadelphia

A must !!!

This show is great I recomand this to anyone who needs to a boost in getting them going. weather is in their business or as an individual and really does help. He has very good people in his shows who have have many different backgrounds who we can relate to. he knows his things so I recomand it very much !!!!

A daily dose of inspiration

Danny's show is one that speaks directly to the heart. If ever you're in search for inspiration for life, business, family, and creating a life fueled by high ambitions and possibilities - this is THE SHOW FOR YOU TO LISTEN TO DAILY! All a man needs are few things in life: food, water, family and daily dose of inspiration. Thank you Danny!! #dannymorelshow

#AskDannyLIVE Episode :3 Danny Morel

The podcast was phenomenal!!!


Just plain Awesome content!

Bring it Danny!

It's a tools, strategy, and 'how-to' sandwich wrapped in motivation! Get coached-up and fired-up. Keep brining us the positive mojo Danny! Appreciate you.


Great show!

Great podcast ! Wow !

I had subscribe to this podcast when it first started and there was always a reason as to not having enough time to listen. Few months ago feeling the ughhh feeling of what am I doing in the business? Nothing! No direction really. Not growing personally and with that alone no way can you grow professionally. This week I started listening to the great show and I haven't been able to stop listening. All these testimonial have been uplifting in so many ways. I keep hearing the word FEAR in the shows and that's what I have realized that I need to let go of my FEAR! A switch has turned on in me and I can't wait to get to "A" level. Thank Danny for such a great show! You need to subscribe to this podcast. It will really turn on switch in you!

Bar non, the Best Real Estate Podcast available!

This review is a long over due.. This show has literally changed my RE career of 10 years.. After a listening to Danny, then shortly realizing that he had an office in my own back yard, it became a "no-brainer" for me and my team to join his organization.. If your experiencing no growth and searching for transformation in your real estate career, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for! Subscribe, download and listen!.. Thank you Danny and guests!


RESS should be required to be a practicing agent. Danny and his amazing quests are always thinking about others and making our community better! Humble and over flowing with knowledeg , it would be WRECKLESS to not listen or watch every episode. New or old this is the material you should be putting in your mind on a daily basis. Thank you Danny and all your behind the scenes people for making this life changing podcast a reality!!!!! God Bless and SEMPER FI

Latest show 1/17/16

Great episode focused on hard work and dedication. Lee was very humble and didn't seem like a know-it-all while still delivering practical advice unlike many of the other speakers on the show. Pretty funny jokes in between lines as well. Lol.

THE podcast for Real Estate Professionals

Very grateful to have these powerful messages available at our fingertips! You can learn, be inspired and literally change your business and your life!

President of Grace Vega Insurance Agency Inc

Powerful !!!! Powerful !!!! Powerful !!!! Truly the best of the best. Every single Realtor needs to be listening to this show. Thank you for all the amazing information you gather and share with the world in Real estate and the sales industry. This podcast always fires me up!!!

Best Real Estate Podcast

Very educational and informative!