May 24, 2023

#93 - Tim Sae Koo: The Healing Power Of Plant Medicine

#93 - Tim Sae Koo: The Healing Power Of Plant Medicine
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This episode holds a special place in my heart. As a life coach and spiritual leader, I stand before you today because of the profound impact of medicinal plants on my own journey.
Today, in the company of the remarkable Tim Sae Koo, we embark on a deeply meaningful conversation, delving into the miraculous healing powers of these sacred gifts from nature. Together, we explore the theme of healing after heartbreak, inviting you to reflect on its purpose, as it can be the catalyst for an extraordinary metamorphosis towards becoming your authentic self and following your purpose.
Let's allow the wisdom of medicinal plants to awaken our spirits, heal our wounds, and guide us toward a life of transformation. Tune in now!


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Tim Sae Koo:

Tim Sae Koo is a Chief Manifestation Officer and Program Director at Reunion Experience. He is a successful tech startup founder, angel investor, and startup advisor who came to discover his life's purpose in being of service and channel of the healing plants. Tim's passion lies in helping others remember the joy of creating, leading, and living from the heart. He is a world backpacker, forever student, ecstatic DJ, and spiritual explorer. Tim's diverse roles and unwavering dedication make him a catalyst for positive change.


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