May 17, 2023

#92 - Jo Frost: Supernanny, Parenting & Generational Healing

#92 - Jo Frost: Supernanny, Parenting & Generational Healing
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If you're like me, you either grew up or spent your early adult years watching the hit TV show, Supernanny!

In this week's episode, we're excited to welcome the original Supernanny herself: global parenting expert Jo Frost. She joins the show to discuss the importance of conscious parenting, breaking free from generational trauma, and healing from the issues that have been passed onto us.

This episode goes deep, so be sure to watch until the end and share this episode with someone who needs to listen!


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Jo Frost:

Jo Frost is a Global Parenting Expert and universally recognized household TV personality. She has a legacy of over 30 years of experience in her genre. She is also a New York Times best-selling author, global thought leader in the parenting arena, in-demand speaker, and consultant as well as the go-to expert for media outlets around the world. Jo is a highly experienced executive producer best known for her international award-winning show 'Supernanny'. Her production company 'Nanny Jo Productions' has produced several of her hit TV Shows such as 'Nanny on Tour' & 'Family Matters’. Each show within the Jo Frost stable achieved extremely successful international distribution.

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