May 3, 2023

#90 - Alyson Charles: Connect With Your Animal Spirit

#90 - Alyson Charles: Connect With Your Animal Spirit
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Do you often find yourself searching for answers outside of yourself?

What if I told you that all of life's answers are already within you?

In this episode of The Higher Self, you'll be introduced to the incredible journey of Alyson Charles, an internationally renowned shaman, and best-selling author who has helped countless individuals discover their own inner power by connecting with their spiritual animals and gifts.

As Alyson shares her story of divine intervention and multiple spiritual awakenings, you'll learn about the transformative power of connecting with the divine and the beauty of quieting your mind, healing and opening your heart, and stepping into your power and your spiritual gifts.

Tune into one of the most unique episodes that we've had so far on The Higher Self!

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Alyson Charles:

Alyson is a world-leading author, teacher, medium and shaman who is called to bring sacred rituals and shamanic teachings to the mainstream in powerfully unique ways. Forbes magazine named Alyson a “Full-fledged Guide into Your Psyche” and a “Leading Shaman and Author for Expanding Others into Their Full Power and Gifts.” Oprah Magazine recommends Alyson’s work as a “Top Meditation to Try.” Her work has been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic, and many other publications. Alyson has shared shamanic journeys for audiences larger than 15,000 and was the resident energy guru for the world’s top wellness platform.

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