April 26, 2023

#89 - Erick Godsey: There Is No Mediator to God

#89 - Erick Godsey: There Is No Mediator to God
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Are you ready to explore the myths that make us and discover your own path to a deeper connection with yourself and the universe?

In this episode of The Higher Self, Danny welcomes Erick Godsey - a gifted writer, coach, and host of "The Myths That Make Us" podcast.

Erick's incredible journey from questioning atheism and agnosticism to finding his connection to a superior being is one that's bound to captivate you.
Don't miss out on the transformative wisdom and practical advice from this week's episode. Tune in now!

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Erick Godsey:

Erick Godsey is a writer, coach and host of "The Myths That Make Us" podcast. With a background in cognitive and jungian psychology, he explores the intersection of science, mythology, and personal transformation. Erick's work focuses on helping people realize the myths that make them, and how to begin to use myth to remake themselves.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erickgodsey


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