April 19, 2023

#88 - Terri Cole: Setting Healthy Boundaries

#88 - Terri Cole: Setting Healthy Boundaries
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Are you tired of constantly putting others' needs before your own?

Do you feel like you're getting taken for granted in your relationships?

Today, we're having the amazing Terri Cole, psychotherapist and author of the smash-hit book, Boundary Boss.

Terri knows that healthy boundaries are key to living an authentic life, and in this episode, she shares her expert insights on how to set them and communicate them respectfully.

We'll be talking about why putting yourself last only leads to resentment, and how to reclaim your power by understanding your own preferences, limits, desires, and deal-breakers. So, no matter where you are on your journey to boundary-setting, this episode is not to be missed. Let's dive in!

Terri Cole:

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, global relationship and empowerment expert, and the author of Boundary Boss-The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen and (Finally) Live Free. For over two decades, Terri has worked with a diverse group of clients that includes everyone from stay-at-home moms to celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs. She has a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable so that clients and students achieve sustainable change. She inspires over 450,000 people weekly through her blog, social media platform, signature courses, and her popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show. For more, see terricole.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terricole/


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