March 29, 2023

#85 - Emily Freeman: Success in Dating & Love

#85 - Emily Freeman: Success in Dating & Love
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What does it mean to have true love?

To have the relationship of your dreams?

In this week's episode, we dive deep into dating, relationships, masculine-feminine polarity, and love with leading dating coach, Emily Freeman. If you're looking to find the partner of your dreams in 2023, or maybe if you just want to improve the relationship you're currently in, this is the episode for you!

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Emily Freeman:
Emily Freeman is a leading dating coach for driven men who want to attract their dream woman and the founder and creator of Masculine in Love™. Emily is internationally recognized and was named a top dating coach in 2022 by Yahoo Finance and LA Weekly.
Emily’s programs and expertise help ambitious men find the missing piece in their life, their dream woman. She’s helped hundreds of CEOs, public figures, physicians, entrepreneurs, and high-performing executives and professionals release their dating blocks, step into their most empowered selves, and get everything they desire in love.
Her extensive expertise in subconscious programming, attachment theory, attraction, and communication didn’t happen by accident. She was motivated to change others’ lives after experiencing firsthand how having subconscious blocks could make dating and love feel intense, complicated, and confusing.
She has made it her mission to help men realize their true potential in dating & relationships. To free themselves of lines and tactics and become authentically confident connecting with a high-value woman.


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