Jan. 18, 2023

#75 - Jack Liang: Eliminating Division

#75 - Jack Liang: Eliminating Division
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Amongst many things, the pandemic fuelled a movement of anti-Asian racism which lead to a lot of rallies and movements, one of them being Rally Against Hate, organized by this week's guest, Jack Liang.

This week's episode is very dear to our hearts because we have the chance to feature entrepreneur, anti-racism activist, and most importantly our dear friend, Jack Liang.

Danny and Jack have journeyed and gone on retreats together, but this time Danny invited Jack to talk about a serious issue: the societal divide, especially surrounding Asian Americans.

We hope that this episode made you think, and most importantly let us know in the comments - what did you learn?


Jack Liang:

Jack Liang is an Asian-American entrepreneur and anti-racism activist who led and organized Rally Against Hate, the largest-ever recorded Asian-American rally. As an award-winning activist, Liang continues to spread his message in boardrooms and even on the streets, encouraging people to overcome discrimination, practice forgiveness and unite to fight injustice.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackliang/


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