Nov. 30, 2022

#68 - Jenna Phillips Ballard: It’s Time To Transform Your Life

#68 - Jenna Phillips Ballard: It’s Time To Transform Your Life
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In this week's episode, we feature the magical Jenna Phillips Ballard, who is a coach, speaker, and co-founder of the Ascension Leadership Academy.

Jenna began her career in 2006 as a certified personal trainer and mindset coach for celebrities like Ben Stiller, Katy Perry, Jerry Piven, Saudi Arabian royalty, and the Marciano family (founders of Guess). However, halfway through her career, Jenna realized that she had a bigger calling. She realized that she was on a mission to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to become leaders and make this world a better place. She’s now committed to redefining what it means to be a millionaire or billionaire, which in part depends on the millions or billions of lives we touch, enhance, and improve as an army of thought leaders.  

In this episode, Danny and Jenna discuss the process Jenna went through to transform her life, her emotional intelligence, and how Jenna found the partner of her dreams. If you're at a stage in your life where you feel unfulfilled, you're simply just chasing money without a specific direction, and you might be looking for a complete makeover of your life - this episode is for you. Enjoy!


Jenna Phillips Ballard:

Jenna Phillips Ballard is one of the most powerful coaches in the industry, having worked with Hollywood Royalty, Saudi Arabian Royalty, and thousands of people from around the globe through her virtual and in-person training. After waking up from a coma in 2000 with brain damage and no short-term memory, she was confronted by a choice point. She either had to listen to her doctor’s prognosis and accept that she wouldn’t ever recover, or she would choose to be her own self-advocate and believe she’d make a full comeback. She discovered that her head injury actually saved her life. Before her accident, she felt unloved, depressed, stuck, and had no sense of self-worth. Upon waking up from her coma, she realized it was time to finally love herself enough to unleash everything she thought was outside of her. With newfound awareness and strength, she was able to make a full recovery and lead a life of joy, purpose, and abundance. She uncovered her own healing powers and has been awakening others ever since. Her goal is to inspire and empower as many women as possible to fully love themselves, and tap into their own magic so they can manifest magnificent lives.




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