Nov. 23, 2022

#67 - Khalil Rafati: From Darkness to SunLife Organics

#67 - Khalil Rafati: From Darkness to SunLife Organics

If you live in California or even here in Austin, you might've heard about a rapidly growing juice and smoothie bar called SunLife Organics. In this week's episode of The Higher Self, we interview the founder himself, Khalil Rafati!

Khalil's story is a heartbreaking one - he was a high school dropout, convicted felon, and former heroin and crack addict, who struggled for multiple years until finally finding the light in recovery. In this episode, you'll hear more about Khalil's childhood, struggle, and what steps he took to finally the light in the darkness.

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Khalil Rafati:

Khalil Rafati is a speaker, author, and health & wellness entrepreneur. Today, he is the owner of SunLife Organics, a rapidly growing chain of popular juice and smoothie bars in the United States. Additionally, he is the author of the best-selling book "I Forgot to Die" as well as his newest release "Remembering to Live." He also founded Malibu Beach Yoga and Riviera Recovery, a transitional living facility for drug addicts and alcoholics.


SunLife Organics:

I Forgot to Die:


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