Nov. 9, 2022

#65 - Morgan Fava: Healing By Communicating With The Other Side

#65 - Morgan Fava: Healing By Communicating With The Other Side

If you've ever wondered what it's like communicating with past lives and our ancestors, this is the episode for you. In this week's episode of The Higher Self, we feature the mystical Morgan Fava, a spiritual mentor, and akashic record practitioner. Morgan is a modern-day mystic who helps her individuals to reclaim their sovereignty by learning from their past lives and ancestral timelines.

In this episode, Danny and Morgan talk about everything from the belief that they chose their parents to their experiences of communicating with the other side. Watch with caution as this episode might leave you questioning life and your beliefs as they are today. Enjoy!


Morgan Fava:

Your guide to all things shadow work and the inner child. A spiritual mentor and akashic record practitioner. She is a modern-day mystic helping you to reclaim your sovereignty by learning from your past lives and ancestral timelines. Morgan has helped many to overcome the pains of their past by working to heal their inner child and free them from their old programs and stories. She works with powerful plant allies and helps others understand the importance of integration. She believes that we are all here to be the breakers of cycles, working to usher in the new earth paradigm. Working to break the patterns to find freedom, abundance, and radical self-love.


Akashic Alchemy:


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